Cranberries- The Super Fruit And Nutritional Aspects of Some Berries

The benefits of cranberries are numerous.  And it really doesn’t matter what form they come in.  Whether they are in fresh fruit form, juice, tablet, caplet, or capsule it really doesn’t matter.  And the really neat thing about cranberries is that they are great as dried snacks and in juice form.  The list of benefits attributed to this fantastic fruit is far too numerous to mention in the span of this article but we will give an overview of the more important one.
For one, they are very low in calories, something like 40-50 calories per 100 grams.  Cranberries are also chock-full of anti-aging as well as antioxidant properties referred to as anthopolyphenols. Antioxidants are very important because they are very effective in fighting off certain illnesses along with heart disease and issues with blood pressure.  And cranberry juice is also the number one natural weapon recommended for combating urinary tract infections.
Cranberries are also loaded with natural Vitamin C, which is proven to be effective in boosting one’s immune system.  Vitamin C is also helpful in the formation of collagen and it helps to promote dental health in the form of protecting the gums.  Not to mention the tannins present in them that are potent as anti-clotting agents. 
In addition to Vitamin C, cranberries are also high in mineral content as well.  Potassium, phosphorous, sodium, manganese, magnesium, and calcium are among them.  Many people, including some in the medical industry, refer to cranberries as the ultimate fruit.  They are even often used to preserve certain foods.  They are also known to act as anti-inflammatory agents.  Centuries ago Native Americans also utilized them as poultices which they applied to wounds.
Cranberries are high in lycopene, a potent weapon in the battle against prostate cancer.  They have amino acids.  Practitioners of homeopathic medicine use cranberries to treat abdominal problems as well as blood and liver ones.  And due to their ability to help open up bronchial tubes, they are also helpful to those suffering from asthma.  And of course, they are also effective in battling one of the most painful of all ailments – kidney stones.
See what we told you.  There are many more benefits associated with cranberries than we could possibly cover here.  But we do think one message is abundantly clear.  You need to have cranberries as part of your daily regimen.  Regardless of what form you decide to have them in, just make sure you are reaping the wonderful benefits of this ultimate fruit.
One of the best ways to improve your health is by eating berries on a regular basis. The good thing about berries, apart from the obvious health benefits is that they are delicious and can be used as a snack or in various desserts. Some of the berries that you should eat on a regular basis include:
1.     Blueberries
These indigo-colored berries are rich in vitamins A, C, E, and many types of minerals. This means that eating these berries will improve your immunity, improve skin regeneration and keep terminal diseases like stroke away. Also, including these berries in your diet keeps cardiovascular diseases away.
2.     Bilberries
Eating these small bluish berries is sure to improve your health in many ways. For starters, you can use it to treat digestive tract diseases e.g. diarrhea, problems with the lymphatic system e.g. varicose veins, etc. They are also used by people that want to improve night vision. Doctors also advise patients suffering from menstrual cramps, ulcers, and diseases of the blood system to eat more bilberries
3.     Goji berries
These are bright orange berries that have been used for a long time for their nutritional benefits. Eating them on a regular basis will improve your health in many ways such as improving eye health, curing and preventing diabetes, hypertension, certain cancers, and cardiovascular diseases. The large amounts of oxidants found therein are responsible for the above health benefits.
4.     Mulberries
If you are interested in improving your health and lifespan, you should include adequate portions of these berries in your diet. The nutrients found therein help in improving blood flow and production, cleanses the liver, prevent a wide variety of cancers because of the presence of resveratrol, improves hearing and vision, etc. This means that as one age, they should eat more of these berries.
5.     Cranberries
This is yet another type of berry that’s rich in antioxidants. They have been shown to treat and prevent yeast infections, cardiovascular diseases, and a wide range of terminal diseases. These berries also prevent urinary tract infections, ulcers and improve general dental health.
In a nutshell, berries are some of the most beneficial foods you can eat. It should be added that you must not overeat them because overdoses of vitamins and minerals can cause other health problems.


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