Vigor Now Male Enhancement Supplement Reviews Shocking Results Or A Hoax

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Male enhancement supplements have had a huge impression and impact in the marketplace in the past decade. This is because men realized that they do not have to stay silent about these issues and can actually get help easily. Another reason for this was the advancements in the Internet. Everyone is using the Internet, these days, and these enhancement pills are easily available from their manufacturers or third-party sellers. As a result, people have been able to get their hands on these supplements easily.

Currently, you can find hundreds of such supplements just on Amazon. Then, there are company websites where you can buy supplements. So, there is a way for everyone to purchase them. However, just because you can buy them does not mean that you should. There have been a few pieces of research to show how harmful these supplements are. In this review, we will look at Vigor Now and see if it falls in the useful category or the one containing harmful supplements.

Vigor Now Review

Introduction to Vigor Now

The name of this supplement is pretty much self-explanatory for people who have ever used supplements. Vigor Now is a male enhancement supplement that has been made for increasing sexual prowess in males and boosting their stamina. The supplement is in the form of pills. This is why it is easy to use and has become popular very quickly among the customers.

The manufacturers of Vigor Now are of the view that their supplement is the best penis enlargement pill that you would find in the market.

Along with that, they also say that this formula would help in making everything from orgasms to sexual pleasure much more enhanced and amazing.

They said that they had made Vigor Now because they want to meet the needs of today’s men.

People today are quite stressed out due to different reasons. Often, it is the stress that kills the whole mood during sex. If you are stressed, you would not be able to do your best in bed. After a while, your partner will surely start complaining. You do not want that, do you? The company behind Vigor Now says that they do not want you to be in that situation, and this is why they have come up with Vigor Now as a solution.

How does Vigor Now Work?

The working of Vigor Now is not so different from other male enhancement supplements. It is the ingredients in this supplement that make it superior to other formulas in the market. First of all, Vigor Now improves blood flow due to the presence of Selenium and other ingredients. Strong and seamless blood flow is imperative to stronger erections.

  • As the blood accumulates in the erectile tissue of your penis, the penis becomes erect.
  • Since Vigor Now keeps sending more blood to the region, the erection lasts for much longer.
  • Consequently, erections become thicker, stronger, and more long-lasting than your normal erections.

Another thing that Vigor Now does for your body is that it reduces stress. The manufacturers of Vigor Now say that your performance is most probably poor due to all the stress you bring home from work. By reducing this stress, Vigor Now aids you in performing well in bed.

Ingredients of Vigor Now

The company takes a lot of pride in the ingredients they have added in Vigor Now. Let us take a look at them and determine whether they are worthy of praise or not.

VigorNow Male Performance Matrix

Horny Goat Weed

The extract from this plant is added to Vigor Now as it helps in boosting testosterone levels. Testosterone is possibly one of the most important hormones for men. It brings about manly features like pubic hair and a deep voice when a man gets to puberty. Even for the rest of their lives, men need a lot of testosterone.

Due to some reasons, the levels of this hormone or its secretion might go down, and horny goat weed plays a role in increasing these levels. When testosterone is present in abundance, it enhances the stimulation of nerves and makes the sexual function much better.


Maca has been added to Vigor Now as it helps in improving strength in bed. This is very important because if you do not have the necessary strength to perform in bed, you would be left with poor performance.

In addition to that, Maca also increases your stamina so that you can do well and last longer. It has been seen in a few studies that this ingredient might even increase sperm count.


If you have been searching for male enhancement remedies or supplements, you would know about Ginseng. It was a popular ingredient in traditional times and is still being used today. It also increases testosterone levels, and then testosterone does the rest.


A lot of men are unable to give or even experience strong orgasms due to their poor sexual prowess. Zinc helps in tackling this issue. It improves orgasms so that you can enjoy more in bed.


Selenium also increases the levels of testosterone. Along with that, it aids in the relaxation of the penile tissue. When this happens, more blood can flow to the penis, and the erections can be much stronger.


This ingredient is ignored by many experts that are involved in supplement-making, but it has an important role to play. It improves blood flow. This is the whole crux of an erection. If the blood flow to the penile tissue is poor, you will not be able to experience strong erections. On the other hand, if the blood flow is strong and consistent, your erections would be much better.

How to Use Vigor Now?

The manufacturers of Vigor Now actually wanted to help men from all age groups. This is why they created a supplement that was the easiest to use. Normally, you have to mix the supplement powder into a liquid to drink it. This takes a lot of time. On the contrary, Vigor Now is very easy to use, and you can even keep it in your car and use it anywhere, on the go.

  1. Take 2 capsules of Vigor Now during the day.
  2. It is suggested to take the supplement at least 2 hours before you indulge in sexual intercourse to have noticeable results.
  3. Use the supplement regularly to see an improvement in your performance and stamina.

Benefits of Vigor Now

As you can see, the supplement has a lot of amazing ingredients. They work together in order to make you sexually more active and stronger. Vigor Now has its benefits due to the presence of these ingredients in it.

Boosts Stamina

One thing that most men lack in bed is stamina. They have all the images in the world, and they want to try out new things in bed, but they lack the stamina for it. Vigor Now brings this stamina.

Sexual Pleasure

When you are stressed during sex, or you are worried about embarrassing yourself in front of your partner, you will never be able to enjoy the process. Vigor Now allows you to have sexual pleasure by making sure that everything goes smoothly and perfectly.

No Erectile Dysfunction

Vigor Now comes with the promise of giving you a strong, long-lasting erection, and that is what it does. You might not have had a strong erection in a while, but this supplement will allow you to have one.

Last Longer

One thing that women often complain about is how their men do not last long enough. This is understandable as you need to last for a significant amount of time to give your partner pleasure. Vigor Now assures that you and your partner are able to have one hell of a time, by making you last longer in bed.

Vigor Now Reviews

James/39 years: There came a time in sexual life when I actually got worried that my wife secretly hates me for not being able to give her pleasure. I was very ashamed of my inability to last long or sometimes even get an erection. I could not understand why this was happening. I just wanted it to go away. When I searched online, I found many supplements. However, I also found negative comments and reviews. Vigor Now was the only supplement I actually found trustworthy. I have been using it for about four months now, and my sex life has never been better than this. I would like to thank the company and recommend this supplement to any man who is doubting his sexual potential.

How to buy it?

If you have any sexual issues and you want to resolve them, you can buy Vigor Now online. It is being sold by the company on its official website for $59.99. Try one bottle first to see if it helps you. The company takes about 3 business days to deliver the product to your doorstep.

Final Verdict

It is very rare to find a male enhancement supplement that is effective. Additionally, Vigor Now is also safe for your body as it does not contain any enhancement drugs. It works naturally and gives 100% results. So, place your order for the first bottle today.

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